It stimulates hormonal balance, relieves breast pressure during and outside menstruation, and has positive effects during menopause.


Combats HPV, beneficial effects on hormonal imbalance in men and women.


Beneficial for prostate health, sex life, digestive system, and immunity.


It stimulates hormonal balance and immunity, relieves breast pressure during and outside menstruation. When tissue changes in the cervix or breast cysts occur.



Articles and studies


– molecules of the active substance INDONAL are directly bound to redundant type of oestrogen molecules, toxins (harmful substances) and oncoproteins that support tumour cell proliferation in the body. These are gradually released from the body.
– INDONAL molecules also penetrate tumour cells that often contain the HPV virus and it prevents them from multiplying. Healthy hormone levels are increased and a healthy balance and metabolism are stimulated.
– Indonal thus helps particularly in tissues that are oestrogen-dependent, i.e. breasts, uterus, and ovaries in women and prostate and testicles in men. An improvement was also detected in laryngeal tumours.
– if you are not satisfied with Indonal, i.e. you did not notice any change in your condition, you can return unused blisters purchased over the internet and we will refund the proportional amount of the purchase price.
– since 2003 Indonal has been used by thousands of women and men. Usage statistics and health improvements are clearly positive.
– Indonal is recommended by a large number of gynaecologists who have a positive experience with it due to the improvements in their patients’ health conditions.
– there are no known side effects.
– yes, use of Indonal and contraception do not affect one another.
– in thyroid diseases (the use of Indonal could be counter-productive).
– during pregnancy and breast-feeding (the levels of other hormones that are required for proper growth of the foetus/child are increased during this period so it is not appropriate to use Indonal as it would affect these levels).
– breast pain occurring during or outside menstruation (mastodynia)
– benign breast lumps and cysts
– HPV virus diagnosis
– cervical dysplasia monitored by the doctor
– thin-walled ovarian cysts
– uterine myomas
Indonal Man
– prostate enlargement (frequent urination is a symptom)
– testicular tumours
– laryngeal tumours


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